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I Rant Therefore I am
Because I'm Fucking Sick of Idiots
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Miss you
Once again Wank happens.............. fucking wank......... suck my balls wank..................... wankwankwankwankwankwankwank.......

also once again I'm a fucking Dog of the Moderators ...........

Pyro I hate you...... Adonis I hate you.....

Please got blow yourselves......

Ps........... fuck you too MSR you shouldn't exsist.
10th-May-2006 01:43 pm - Bitch Much?
Miss you
Well all was relatively quiet. I didn't start anything or say anything much to A, P and F, and as per planned they ignored my presence completely although the blinking of the chatroom was going off like a madman. The poor Aussie Ranger...... he basically watched the spammage created by APF and then left. Way to include the guy into the convo team. Then again I wasn't talking much either..... hey it was nearly 4 a.m. and Alphonse's shoulder demanded coloring.

But Armor!Al is Colored....... and that makes me happy.
9th-May-2006 10:25 am - FIRST POST HERE WE GO!
Miss you
I'm so fucking tired of the wank and the bullshit that I find on the Rangers right now I'm ready to say fuck it and leave. But you know what. I'm a fan of Vic Mignogna and I'm god damn proud of it. I'm not about to let some fucking newbie piss heads tell me how to behave, when or when not to be nice or let them drive me out of what I love to do most. Which is hang out with my FRIENDS and fellow Rangers.

At first I was afraid of what other rangers would think, "Oh there's Rei she's the moderators Lap dog"

But you know what. FUCK THEM. They wheren't there when I first joined, Phoe, Gojyo, Pammy, Mandy, Lirin, Winry, Chris, Barkeep, Sanzo, Papa as well as a few others where the FIRST people I got to meet when I became a Risembool Ranger. THOSE are my fucking friends, and guess what!?! Fucking WOW some of them are mods too! I can't help that!!!! THAT IS NOT MY FAULT! I'm LOYAL to MY friends and if their Mods Then SO WHAT!?! I'm not looking for any fucking special treatment from them. I want them to be able to go "Yo Rei chill girly" and not worry about me hating them.

I respect them as powers in authority. Just as I respect anyone who is older then I am. I don't respect assholes who haven't been around telling me what to do.

But you know what.... they can take their fucking noses and ram it up their own asses because I swear to god they act as if their shit down stink.

I swear..... if murder was legal I'd declair genocide on the whole fucking idiot population.
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